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Further information on our Spanish courses


The main objective of most of our Spanish courses is to improve your communicative skills. The emphasis of classroom activities is therefore the development of your abilities to speak and understand spoken Spanish.

For this reason, classes are conducted entirely in Spanish and you get plenty of opportunity to practise the sort of language you are likely to need outside the classroom.

We don't just want you to know Spanish, we want you to be able to use it!

Due attention is also paid to grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and a wide variety of materials is used, including published materials from many different sources as well as materials which have been written by our own teachers.

If you have particular special needs, private classes are always an interesting option. For them, course materials designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.

Apart from the time you spend in the classroom, we also ensure that the other activities in the school - the social program and our exchange program, for example - give you further opportunities to practise the Spanish that you are learning.

The teaching and the course programme are carefully supervised by the Director of Studies, who is also responsible for ensuring that you are placed in the appropriate level and that your progress is satisfactory.

While the atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed and informal, you should be prepared to work hard and participate fully.


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