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Living in a furnished apartment

Suite, IH Riviera Maya

We provide the following information for students staying in apartment accommodation:

Dos and don'ts

The option of staying in a furnished apartment is very popular and the school is naturally keen to maintain this option in the future. To be able to do this, we need students to show a degree of consideration and responsibility, both towards the owners of the apartments, and to the other people who are living in the same building. We have therefore drawn up the following list of dos and don'ts. Please read through the list carefully and consult with the school staff if anything isn't clear.

Please note that failure to comply with these requests may mean that we have to ask you to leave your apartment and find yourself somewhere else to stay - and we all want to avoid that!

Breakages and damage

Please treat the apartment's furnishings and fittings with care. If anything breaks or is damaged, please report this to the staff at the school. We will then be able to ask the apartment owners to fix anything that needs fixing or repair any damage that has been caused.

If you do break or damage something, or something goes missing, the apartment owners reserve the right to deduct the amount necessary to replace the lost, broken or damaged object from the deposit each student is asked to leave with the school. If there is any dispute between students and owners over what damage has been caused, the school staff will act as arbitrators, and our decision will be final!


Please make sure that you switch off all lights, air-conditioning, fans and other appliances before leaving the apartment. Apart from the fact that leaving things switched on costs money, it also wastes energy needlessly and contributes to global warming. Please think green, for everyone's sake.

Please safeguard against any risk of fire. Don't leave cigarettes burning anywhere, don't use candles - not even if there's a power cut (use a torch instead).


Please remember that there are other people living in the same building who will get very upset if you make too much noise. So please don't slam doors, or have your music or TV turned up too loud. And if you have people round, please try to avoid any screaming or shouting.

Please make extra sure that you don't make any noise after 24.00. Your neighbours have the legal right to call the police if you are making a lot of noise late at night, and you could be accused of disturbing the peace. At the very least, this could mean a heavy fine!

Keeping the apartment clean

Please try to keep the building's stairway clean and tidy. This space belongs to the community and everyone has to play their part. So please don't throw cigarettes or other litter on the floor!

Please make sure that you put your rubbish out at the right time - usually between 20.00 and 23.00 - and please make sure you leave it in the right place. (If you're not sure where you should leave your rubbish, ask the neighbours or the schools staff).

If you are sharing your apartment with other students, please also be considerate towards them. When you use the communal spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room, please leave them clean and tidy. Please also take your turn at communal chores such as taking the rubbish out.

All our shared apartments are cleaned regularly (usually once a week) and your sheets will also be changed and washed for you. Please help the cleaners by keeping things tidy, and making sure that they can get access to all the rooms in the apartment on the days they come to clean. If you want to know when cleaning is going to happen, ask the school staff.


When you arrive you will be issued with a set of keys to the apartment and a key to your room (if available). Please try not to lose them or leave them lying around. We don't want to discover that your apartment has been visited by some uninvited guests.


Please don't invite friends to stay either in your apartment or in your room. We're not against the occasional visitor, but having people stay for any length of time is not fair to the other students, or to the apartment owners.

Included in the price

Meeting service on arrival at the apartment, daily cleaning service (except Sundays) and weekly change of bed linen, utilities (water, gas and electricity).

Not included

Meals and use of telephone


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